Synopsis of movie Vishwaroop by Kamal Haasan - Vishwaroop (2013) movie synopsis

Synopsis of movie Vishwaroop (2013) movie by Kamal Haasan - movie synopsis of Vishwaroop (2013)

Vishwaroop is Kamal Haasan’s movie which has finally seen the face of the big screen after Muslim’s protest nationwide as they belief that Vishwaroop sounds as if it damages their religion. Let’s find about the movie.

Synopsis of  Vishwaroop 2013

Vishwaroop shows a matrimony of Vishwanath alias Wiz (played by Kamal Haasan) and Nirupama (played by Pooja Kumar). They both have their own plans and look as if to have reached their desires in the short duration of marriage. Nirupama completes her PhD and Wiz has coaching of dance in New Jersey unimpeded with each other. Things get change when Dr. Nirupama desires to have extra and needs to give something a miss of the arranged-marriage. She has no such exact cause to break this marriage as Wiz doesn’t give much to find a fault about him.
Nirupama believes all men have to contain faults and flaws. Hence she makes her mind up to observe something about him to be aware of well again regarding her choice to break the marriage. She takes a detective into service to drag up something about Wiz.

About Vishwaroop (2013) and Kamala Haasan

Kamal Haasan has shot Vishwaroop on lavish foreign locations and brought dazzling action sequences; yet, in the course of action he does not pay attention on the similarity and boredom of his narrative line. The film’s plot has something we already have watched in many other movies in the times of yore

Vishwaroop has some flaws starting with its length. The writer Haasan’s story consists of unnecessarily similarity for every scene for more than requirements that leads the irritation of the viewers. The Afghanistan sequences in the are lengthy and recur during flashbacks. At acting stage, Kamal Haasan is good and makes every hard to digest thing possible. Rahul Bose as Omar is the attraction of the Vishwaroop. Jaideep Ahlawat also did a good job whereas Shekhar Kapur and Pooja Kumar have nothing much to do in the movie.

Overall, Vishwaroop does not as much as Kamal Haasan’s movies do. Vishwaroop produces to be just not dangerous lure anybody as the movie does not really criticize the Muslims in any mean. Its unforeseen how just by the mere small preview of the movie people went up against it devoid of looking at it. Vishwaroop is no matter which but a standard that upsets the Muslim feelings.