"Olympus Has Fallen" movie synopsis

Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus has fallen is produced by the same producer who made a low budgeted movie Red Dawn in 2012. The subject of this movie is almost the same as that of the White House Down which is destined to be released after a few months. However the budget and canvas of this movie is fare greater than the Red Dawn. The movie is about a loyal security personnel and handler of the president who is also a secret security agent. This role is being played by Gerard Butler and the president is being played by Aaron Eckhart. The movie Olympus has fallen basically revolves around the security threats and terrorist attacks which are carried out by the South Korean terrorist group. The leader of this group is the main character who is played by Rick Yune. The full report at this URL

Olympus has fallen shows Gerard Butler as the main character who acts as the major protector of the President Aaron Eckhart while he faced an attack by the South Korean terrorists group led by Rick Yune on White House. Olympus has fallen basically represents the story of attack by the British which happened in 1812.

Movie synopsis of The Silver Linings Playbook movie synopsis

The mantra or the main theme source of Silver Linings Playbook is Excelsior which exists as
the Latin piece of literature. This was revealed in the very first scene of the Silver Linings Playbook where it depicts a mental hospital of Baltimore. The story of this movie has been adopted form the novel of Matthew Quick. The movie shows the job of a history teacher (played by Bradley Cooper) and his wife (played by Brea Bee).  Bradley Cooper is suffering from the bipolar disorder and is very much obsessed about his wife Brea Bee.  
Other major characters of the movie are his parents whose role is played by Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver and his doctor played by Anupam Kher. Another patient suffering form the psychological disorder of some different symptoms as that of Bradley Cooper is a widow and her character is played by Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. The characters meet together with Jennifer Lawrence at her sister’s place at a dinner. But things get worse and complicated even more due to the diseases and mood swings. This makes the situation even worsened. 
After that the twists are observed in Silver Linings Playbook when Jennifer Lawrence offers help to Bradley Cooper on account of his wife in reconnecting with her but only when he will also do something for her in return. As a result Bradley Cooper starts getting inclined more and more towards Jennifer Lawrence and starts getting away from his wife Brea Bee unintentionally. This as a result upsets Brea Bee. There is some hand of the doctor Anupam Kher up to some extent too when he lets them meet and go together however his intensions were not wrong. He only wanted them to heel their problems and resolve them by their own efforts without medical aid. 
The roles played by Robert Di Niro and Jacki Weaver were not so much influential all the time in Silver Linings Playbook but these are often seen to be expressive and adding emotions when the son of Robert Di Niro and Jacki Weaver get into trouble not actually because of his wife Brea Bee but basically because of his illness.
In short Silver Linings Playbook is a real art work depicting the race of emotions and using emotions for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of humans.

Rangrezz movies synopsis

Rangrezz is another attempt of Vashu Bhagnani to show his love toward his son Jackky
Bhagnani. This time, he hires Priyadarshan to direct the movie for him. The movie has been also made in Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. Its Tamil version was a successful movie and now the Hindi version has been released against Bipasha Basu's Aatma. Off course the results are yet to be seen. Let’s find out whether Rangrezz works for both the father and son or not 

Rangrezz circles around three boys Rishi Deshpandey (played by Jackky Bhagnani), Winu (played by Amitosh Nagpal) and Pakya (played by Vijay Verma). They are best friends and can go to any extend for each other. Each of them has different motives for their upcoming days. However their lives come to a grinding halt at what time an early day’s friend of Rishi appears. He tells them about his unanswered love at the same time as requests for help. Rishi and his friends decide to help him in reuniting the lovers. They take all risks and struggle against every difficulty to make both lovers meet. However this does not happen easily and they have to pay worse price for it.  

Rangrezz has a good star cast which is well-coordinated for the story. Jackky Bhagnani has given good performance whereas Vijay Verma and Amitosh Nagpal as his friends are also brilliant in the movie. Rajpal Yadav is always best in his characters so does the same in Rangrezz too but Priya Anand as Rishi’s girlfriend not impressive at all.

Although, Priyadarshan has tried to present Rangrezz in fully Maharashtrian flavor by means of the ‘Govinda Ala Re’ song which has been choreographed wonderfully as well as he establishes the small city locality as much realism as possible. The friendship between the three guys is also impressive but the film becomes really week right from its second half and follows an extremely unoriginal and boring path. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that although Rangrezz may have a story which could have made it a superb watch but the weak screenplay and lack of necessary elements do not leave a chance to make it a hit on Hindi cinema at least. 

Overall,  Rangrezz has a delightful first half which keeps the audience connected to the screen but the drama and ending in the rest part is really irritating and destroys the pleasure the audience gets from the beginning. Screenplay is completely unimpressive and carelessly written.

Synopsis of movie Special 26 by Neeraj Pandey - synopsis Special 26 (2013)

Synopsis of movie Special 26 one of the best bests Bollywood movie in 2013 - Special 26 synopsis

synopsis of Special 26

Special 26 is as special as its title is. The filmmaker Neeraj Pandey produces an extremely excitement and extraordinary entertainment with his new release. He is a filmmaker who establishes himself with a lucrative debut ‘A Wednesday’ and successfully glues you on your seat while watching his movies. His Special 26 has nothing like his first release which was purely portraying the social theme, and, indeed brings all necessary ingredients of a commercial movie.

Synopsis of Movie Murder 3 by of vishesh bhatt - Murder 3 (2013) Synopsis

Synopsis of Movie "Murder 3" one of the top movies of  vishesh bhatt - Murder 3 (2013)

About  Vishesh Bhatt (Murder 3 Producer)

Vishesh Bhatt is member of Bhatt family and a proud son of Mukesh Bhatt. He has been assisting his father in filmmaking for last few years and now has finally decided to be on the front. Murder 3 is the third movie of Murder series that is purely made by Vishesh Bhatt. Let’s find out whether the movie is compatible for previous two movies of the series or not. 

Synopsis of movie ABCD, prabhu deva top movies - ABCD movie Synopsis

Synopsis of movie "ABCD". best in 2013 by Prabhu deva - "ABCD Movie"

 About Remo de Souza (ABCD Movie Producer)

Remo D'Souza is one of the sizzling choreographers in Bollywood today. When he set off as a filmmaker in the industry, no one expected that he would come with an Indian version of traditional movies. Although his F.A.L.T.U was not a dance movie but the closing moments dance act in the movie was out of this world and, off course, was just a glimpse of his extraordinary chorography. Now he has brought his second movie ABCD (AnyBody Can Dance) where you can see 27 choreographers at one place as this time Remo plans to bring first complete dance movie of India. More excitement develops, as he announced ABCD movie to be in 3D format. He has brought Prabhu Deva in his second dhamaka to do many dances. Let’s find out whether ABCD movie makes you dance or not.

Synopsis of movie Lincoln by  Steven Spielberg | Top movies synopsis

About Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg's (spielberg steven) "Lincoln" is about the passing of the 13th Amendment of the American Constitution. The filmmaker portrays this historic alteration that caused abolishment of slavery in the US. The movie is indeed literate, intellectual and sincere, by means of some luminously managed moments.

Lincoln in USA

"Lincoln” shows the last period of Abraham Lincoln's life, specially the last few months when he was the President of United States. The movie begins with the scenes came about just after Lincoln's re-vote.

synopsis of movie "David 2013" new bollywood release - synopsis "David 2013"

Synopsis of movie "David 2013"

Bejoy Nambiar is one of the filmmakers in Bollywood who push the restrictions of film making as well as bring revolutionary movies to front. He appeared with his debut ‘Shaitaan’ and showed his extraordinary talent of creative story narration and resourceful camera works. This time he is back with David- one more visually attractive story narration. Let’s review the movie to find out how it going to work for the filmmaker. Bejoy Nambiar shows three different men having same name ‘David’ in the movie. Neil Nitin Mukesh depicts David of 1975 who is the man of a terrible criminal Ghani in London. He has a blind faith on him and believes that he owes a favor of him as he has elevated him as his own kid and can do anything for him. On the other hand, Ghani in next to no time smashes as phantoms of the history get nearer to disturb David enlightening a lie that Ghani provided for his little vulnerable brain.

Synopsis of movie Vishwaroop by Kamal Haasan - Vishwaroop (2013) movie synopsis

Synopsis of movie Vishwaroop (2013) movie by Kamal Haasan - movie synopsis of Vishwaroop (2013)

Vishwaroop is Kamal Haasan’s movie which has finally seen the face of the big screen after Muslim’s protest nationwide as they belief that Vishwaroop sounds as if it damages their religion. Let’s find about the movie.

Synopsis of  Vishwaroop 2013

Vishwaroop shows a matrimony of Vishwanath alias Wiz (played by Kamal Haasan) and Nirupama (played by Pooja Kumar). They both have their own plans and look as if to have reached their desires in the short duration of marriage. Nirupama completes her PhD and Wiz has coaching of dance in New Jersey unimpeded with each other. Things get change when Dr. Nirupama desires to have extra and needs to give something a miss of the arranged-marriage. She has no such exact cause to break this marriage as Wiz doesn’t give much to find a fault about him.

Midnight's Children is the movie by Deepa Mehta based on the novel by Salman Rushdie. Although this movie is not considered a very good and perfect one in many regards, but still it captures most of the essence of the novel. Midnight’s Children is about the tale of three children who were born at the stroke of midnight of 15th August, 1947. This tale is about the switch of destinies which began right after their birth when the midwife nurse, Seema Biswas changed their tags inspired by the slogan of "Let the rich be poor and the poor, rich". It was the gesture of the misguided Seema Biswas which ultimately created the twist and changed the fates of these three children. 

Darsheel Safary played the role of childhood of Salim and his sister’s role is being played by Soha Ali Khan but later his character was played by Satya Bhabha.

Inkaar (2013) - Movie Review

Filmmaker Sudhir Mishra’s Inkaar is about the subject of sexual harassment. He brings Chitrangada Singh and Arjun Rampal as a main lead of the movie and extracts extraordinary performance from both of them. Although the story is not really new, but it has the power of gripping the viewers to glue their seats till the end. Let’s find out whether Sudhir Mishra has created a magic with his Inkaar or not.

Chitrangada Singh is playing Maya Luthra who is the director of an advertisement agency. She claims that the company’s CEO Rahul Varma has sexually harassed her hence she files a case against him.

The inspiring movie Gangster Squad has been basically derived from a true story and a non fiction novel written by Paul Lieberman. The movie is very stylish and designed to make a very sleek output, but it has been given a very different kind of a look. The movie seems to be like the kind of a picture narrating the stories of blood and gore but there is a very deep message and story behind that. The theme of Gangster Squad has been basically taken from the true story. The story is about the mobster cop and the adventurous narration of the activities of the Los Angeles police who successfully arrested the powerful gangsters in 1949. The beginning of the Gangster Squad is in a very dramatic way in which the destruction of the whole Los Angeles has been shown. The whole corporate lot along with the politicians and police are being controlled by a very ruthless mafia don. This character is being played by Mickey Cohen.

Synopsis of Movie "Les Miserables" one of the top French movies - Les Miserables 2013 Synopsis

 Les Miserables [French ley mee-zey-ra-bluh] is the movie based on a sad story. It is basically the adaptation from the eponymous book of Victor Hugo telling the tale of love, humanity and losses faced due to the political upheaval in France which resulted in the French Revolution.Les Miserables is directed by Tom Hooper who also directed The King’s Speech previously. This movie really speaks of the example of a stunning success. 

Abbas-Mustan is a famous name of thriller and action movies in Indian cinema, however the name has been failed to make out success for their movies for a while. Even their last movie ‘Players’ did not leave a positive impact on the Hindi cinema and declared as flop on the box office. However Abbas Mustan do not loose hope and have brought Race 2 which is a sequel of their blockbuster movie ‘Race. It is yet to be seen whether the sequel works the same as its first did.

Race 2 is mainly about Saif Ali Khan who is playing Ranveer Singh in this thriller action.

"The Impossible” is a heart touching depiction and narration of the tsunami which came on Dec 26, 2004 and killed nearly a quarter of a million people in 14 countries. The filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona has tried his best to narrate the story by essentially keeping a real frame through keeping the original emotionalism and sensationalism in tact. It is basically the real life disaster movie narrating the experiences of a family of five during Tsunami when they were on a Christmas vacation at the island of Khao Lak in Thailand.